Tweakin' Some Twang

by John Lee Sanders

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Karen Dash
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Karen Dash Love EVERYTHING John Lee Sanders writes
I especially love his take on the classical and gospel enjoy the blues/jazz/rockabilly of his other albums as well
His music sensibility is a language my heart and mind so readily absorbs.. can hardly wait to hear his new collection this October!
John Lee Sanders
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John Lee Sanders A big congratulations on Tweakin Some Twang coming out!! I’m really excited about having a copy in my hand and grateful to you for having had me on your CD. What a killer package! From the art work to a truly inspirational collection of original tunes, a class act all the way.
Butch Coulter, Harmonica
Verse 1 For many years we lived By the sea where we were born Held on to each other In the eye of every storm But my baby’s got a feelin’ That this might be the big one As the storm clouds above the ocean start to form Weatherman says she’s closin’ in Bout Eighty miles off shore I'm boardin’ up the windows Like a dozen times before She might break down the levy But we’re guardin’ our front door Baby’s reachin’ out for my hand 'Gainst the wind and rain once more Chorus And it's Hard times comin’ down And it's a test of my faith Wondering where's my God May be weather beaten, not defeated Just a little bit battle scarred, hard times comin’ down hard Verse 2 Dawn slowly breaks And we’re barely holdin’ on Shrimp boats in the harbour Ain’t been out for so long And there’s blues in Biloxi and my troubles keep on risin’ and there ain’t much left to lose till its all gone And on the mouth of the Mississippi It’s a sad day From Atchafalaya all the way to Red Fish Bay Devils blood been gushin’ Deeper than a mile below Poision on the waters Off the gulf of mexico, Chorus Bridge Oh we survived the hurricane With the oil in our tracks Rolled in like a diesel train And you always had my back But hard times ain't gonna last forever We've seen it all before Cuz we're stronger together Gonna Make it through one more Chorus
Tweakin’ Some Twang There’s a neon sign that points around back To A jumpin’ juke joint way ‘cross the tracks Ain’t got no karaoke, no rappers, and no dj scratchin’ and spinnin’ Just live downhome blues Cold beer Red hot women Sweatin out the rhythm like a chain gang Soul sista’ shakin’ a tamborang Come on baby shake that thang Til the church bells ring Everybody Sing Hips be jerkin’ girls be twerkin’ One thang for certain the boys be workin’ The back beat, it’s a groove thang Come Sunday morning we still be tweakin’ the twang catchin’ lightin’ bugs in a mason jar cutting a rug at the Cajun bar Cry like a bee sting bendin my guitar strings Another honky tonk angel done got her wings Need a bottle neck, steel and wood Gotta thunder machine under the hood Throwin’ it down like a good boy should I’m a distant cousin from Johnny b good Chorus If you Feel wound up like a ball o’twine Do the wild thing cross the county line Ain’t too sophisticated uptown Slick citified Get your shuffling shoes, deep fried and amplified Back in my southern comfort zone Like a hound dog with a big bone Gather my posse ride with the gang To the love zone between the yin and the yang chorus
More than Spoken words Music and lyrics by John Lee Sanders Lyrics by Chris Caswell ©2018 Swampmeister Music, Kazz Song Inc. ASCAP Mister Johnson goes to church each Sunday Morning Says it’s by the bible we will find salvation He’s been found at the “No Tell” Motel out of town Under Mister Jones he makes his reservation He found a lost little lamb to take care of That Mrs. Johnson to this day is unaware of Do as I say, and not as I do Do those old familiar words apply to you Do you practice what you preach Follow what you teach It takes more than spoken words More than spoken words to make it true In the City there’s a well known politician Said “If elected I will fight air pollution But once he won the vote A lie was all he ever wrote He fought for those who made a hefty contribution Private jets on peoples money Payin’ off a Playboy Bunny But folks in Louisiana know that “you can’t drain the swamp” Chorus We got a right to state our feelings Unless our feelings don’t please the majority We’re free to speak our mind If we do we find We get punished just for being a minority Be careful not to take away the right for The very liberty we vow to fight for Chorus
Lyrics, Chris Caswell, Kazz Song Inc. ASCAP Music and Arrangement by John Lee Sanders, Swampmeister music ASCAP
(Male sings verse one) For all this time I longed to be your man Can't get no traction with my wheels in the sand But the hit and run heartbreaks Brought us back where we began To that Texas town on Friday nights Makin' out behind the bleacher lights First time lovers, never felt that spark again Somehow we settled for second best "You headed east", "and you just drifted out West" How could we lose the promise of love that was so blessed We were somewhere in the middle Of two broken hearts Picking up the pieces Wondering where to start pulled in all directions Young hearts torn apart Somewhere in the middle of two broken hearts (female sings verse 2) For all this time I loved his uptown world But somewhere inside I'm still that small town girl They try to compromise you, and buy you with diamonds and pearls (male) And if I thought for awhile your heart would never stray I'd dress you up in style if I only had my way I'd walk you down the aisle, But baby even then you wouldn't stay (together) Oh he was second hand, second best I carried that flame inside of my chest How could we lose the promise of love that was so blessed Chorus Bridge Maybe we're just too easily persuaded Living in a jaded limbo land Baby I've waited, ultimated Too many lines drawn in the sand Love is too complicated, Overated But life never turns out like we planned When you gonna make a move Cuz this love is fading But it's so hard when you're standing somewhere Somewhere in the middle Chorus
Lyrics by Chris Caswell, Kazz Song Inc. ASCAP, Michael DeCroix Music and additional lyrics, by John Lee Sanders, Swampmeister Music, ASCAP
Lyrics by Chris Caswell, ASCAP Kazz song Inc. Music by John Lee Sanders, Swampmeister Music ASCAP Lyrics to come
Lucky Dog 04:55
Cruisin’ through the Delta Highway sixty one Gigging down in Greenville having too much fun Reached and found my early times Took a myself a drink Mississippi trooper saw me Wanna put me in the clink Turns out he’s my ex wife’s cousin loves to hear me play Said “you comin to my house for breakfast boy Then make yo getaway Lucky dog, I’m a lucky dog May just be prince charming In a Mississippi Bull Frog But tonight I feel like living High Up on the hog Bow wow wow yippee yay I’m a lucky dawg Well I finally got to Memphis Had no place to stay Met a girl on Beale Street From some place far away She said Johnny Lee I’m hungry So I hailed a yellow cab We had bbq at the rendezvous And she picked up the tab Flashed them big ol’ brown eyes Pretty Little Southern Belle Said “Baby I booked the penthouse At the Peabody Hotel Chorus Somebody up there likes me And I thank my lucky star Got an angel on my shoulder And My daddy’s old guitar Yeah somebody up there likes me And the world is mine tonight I got a sweet young thing and a diamond ring And a brand new Cadillac car I’m a lucky dawg Strollin’ down on Union My Guitar in my case Saw that yellow sun museum And I check out the place I could hear Johnny cash and ol’ Jerry Lee And Carl Perkins sing The spirit of the Delta calling me I thought heard the king They gave me an audition Man he really dug my sound He said sign right here on the dotted line Boy Let’s go paint the town Chorus
The Revelry of yesterday Carnival time…Celebration Yesterday I was in my prime With a Horn on a Tuesday morn I Still wanna lead the band Down to the river’s invitation But there’s a time and season And a reason, a time to be reborn When Ash Wednesday comes around I long for higher ground We’ll all be safe and sound And the Saints will wear the crown And that long lost wayward son is homeward bound To that place where grace and mercy will be found On that morning when Ash Wednesday comes around You know I’m gonna be homeward bound I’ve been marchin’ uptown, downtown While Fat Tuesday drum rolls clatter Shufflin’ with the saints and the sinners Feelin’ that big easy laughter From the graveyard to the boulevard To the here and ever after If you wanna smell the rose Sometimes you gotta feel the thorns Chorus Daylight finds me where the river runs So deep and pure, far and wide I can hear angels singing sweetly from the other side Big parades and masquerades Slowly drifting out to sea Leaving me behind, but I don’t mind Cuz I’ve made it through the Fire I’ve made it through the rain Through the mud and the flood Down to the wire gotta get on board that train
Lyrics to come.
Take a few Crawfish, Red Beans Better put on some rice Throw it in a big pot, one bite, you gotta go back twice All that mojo in the country folks sho' be gettin' hungry She got love in the mix and I got's to get my fix I got only one addictions that's big mama's kitchen She been cookin' all mornin' til the afternoon Ya'll better get down here soon Gotta have me some Big Mama's gumbo, yeah Laissez les bons temps roulét, Gonna be a good day Gotta have me some big mama's gumbo, yeah Somethin' good in every bite It's gonna be a good night We got zydeco on the radio and the washboard be clickin' when that gumbo starts to thicken Alligator tastes like chicken Okra tomatoes and hambone Everything be home grown black eyed peas, candied yams baby that's who I am Been wined and dined in Paris With an uptown million-heiress but the sweetest one I cherish way back home in the swamp Chorus Well it aint from New Orleans Ain't creole Straight from the bayou and it's sure got soul Well they boil it down in Lafayette Way down in Thibodaux Way down in Breaux Bridge And even in Monroe, Big Mama's Gumbo


John Lee Sanders, Vocals, Keys, music, Lyrics, Saxes, Arrangements, Production, String and Horn arrangements, Cover Art.

Mixdown by Bruce Kaphan who has been there from the beginning as an amazing production assistant.
Mastering beginning this week with David Glasser, at Airshow Mastering, who has mastered the recordings of over 80 Grammy Nominees.
About this CD, and a bit about me.
My 67 years were a slow migration westward from the foothills of Alabama Appalachia, The Mississippi Delta, Louisiana Bayous, Memphis Soul, and Juke Joints of East Texas, which all had their distinctive influence on my music.
My late mother, a generous supporter of the performing arts, would always shout, “Turn off that twangy music” when the Grand Ole Opry was on. I hope I tweaked Mama’s Gumbo enough for her discerning ears, without losing the authenticity of our great musical legacy.

Having both a Classical and roots music education , brought about everything from Hollywood Film Scores, sideman to superstars, to playing Hammond organ in a black church in Oakland. We both shared a common migration from Louisiana, through much different circumstances.

As the digital revolution evolved during my years in silicon valley, It made this recording possible, allowing the contributions of musicians from French Canada, Spain, Holland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Memphis, Louisiana, Texas, East Bay California, Hollywood, and of course Music city USA, Nashville!.

I’ve been inspired the most, by songwriters, who transcend genres, span generations, and tell a story in 3 or 4 minutes, that speak volumes.
Their songs come often like a time capsulre, or a postcard from the past in our collective consciousness,
Through my longtime connection wth Paul Williams, Chairman of ASCAP, I’ve been fortunate to work with the legends of American composers, at the Library of Congress. Their back stories and contributions are timeless and priceless.

The music of 50s-60s Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are my early roots. The cross pollination of genres were blurred since I can remember, With George Harrison’s Chet Atkins infuence, or flipping from side A to B, of Elvis’ first 45 single in 1954, Hillbilly Country to Black Blues. inadvertently, it expressed the duality of those times, and fueled a cultural, and political revolution.
Music was always the common thread that connected us all.

I had reservations releasing a country crossover project, with the economic woes of streaming, and juggling the tightrope of the past and present cultural divide.
There’s a bit of nostalgia, mixed with the reality of now. We all have differing concepts of what is Americana music. It’s ALL THAT, and more. I’m the opposite of a purist, changing and evolving, blurred times and lines tend to do that.

The musicians and I had a blast doing this project, and I hope you enjoy our work.

Bruce Kaphan, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Guitars, Baritone Guitar
Mick Mestek, Peter Booras, Kevin Hayes, Jim Riley, Drums
David Zieglerr, Fiddle,
Emily Mann, Fiddle
Ray Legere, Fiddle, Mandolin
Randy Seppala “Da Bones Man” Washboard
Lee Yankee, Brent Mason, Jeff Tamelier, Lyle Workman, Guitars
Dewayne Pate, Paul Oguin, Alvaro “Dr. Robelto” Fernandes, Bach Norwood, Upright and Electric bass
Vaneese Thomas, Dallis Craft, Vocals.
HG Gutternig, Tuba, Trombone.
Rainer Gutternig, Trumpet
Tollak Ollestad, Butch Coulter, Harmonica,
Maria Grigoryeva, Violin, Viola
Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva, Cello

1. Tweakin’ some twang
Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
2. Joy in the Morning
Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
3. More than spoken words
JLS, music, Lyrics, Chris Caswell
4. Backyard full of blues
JLS, music, Lyrics, Chris Caswell
5. When Ash Wednesday Comes around
Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
6. Hard Times Comin’ Down Hard
7. Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
8. Ridin’ On a Southbound Train
Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
9. Somewhere in the Middle
Words and music, JLS, additional lyrics, Michael DeCroix
10. On My Way to Crazy
Words & Music, JLS, additional lyrics, Chris Caswell, Michael DeCroix
11. Lucky Dog
Words & Music, JLS, lyrics, Chip Sanders
12. Barrelhouse Blues
Words and Music, JLS, lyrics, Chris Caswell
13. Big Mama’s Gumbo
Words and Music, JLS, lyrics, Steve Sanders

Special Thanks to my sweet Sister in Law, the late Catherine Crown, who believed in this project, her generosity helped make it possible,
To my family, Steve Sanders, Chip Sanders, Cindy Strickler, Huey Lewis, Bruce Kaphan who was my right hand production advisor,
Paul Williams, The ASCAP Foundation and the legends of American songwriters, Bonnie Raitt, Gecko Turner, Chris Caswell, Dave Goelz, (Zoot & Gonzo of the Muppets), ASCAP, Bob Brown, Angela Strehli, David Ritz, Garth Webber, Doc Kupka of Tower of Power, Maria Muldaur, William Ross, Martin Funderburk, Penny and Karl Groux & Perdido Beach Resort, Amy Foster, Mark Brandt, Dallis Craft, Unity Church Gulf Shores, The Reno Fun Train, the Late Long John Baldry, The Worldresidensea,
Gail Suderman and the Good Noise Gospel Choir, My great band in my Canadian 9 years, Chris Nordquist, Dennis Marcenko, Tim Porter, Tim Hearsey, Scott Grant.
The B.C Cancer Agency. And most of all to “My Joy In the Morning” my beautiful wife and love of my life, Maria Silverio Gomez who was with me through every note and word of this project.


released October 30, 2018

John Lee Sanders, Alto & Tenor Saxes, vocals, guitar,
Drum programming, Piano, Organ, Accordion
String and Horn Arrangements, Artwork.
Bruce Kaphan, Production assistant, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Guitars, Baritone Guitar, Nylon String guitar, 12 string, 6 string acoustic, Weisenborn guitar, Dobro guitar, Electric guitar
Peter Booras, Kevin Hayes, Jim Riley, Mick Mestek, Drums
David Zieglar, Fiddle,
Emily Mann, Fiddle
Ray Legere, Fiddle, Mandolin
Randy Seppala “Da Bones Man” Washboard
Lee Yankie, Brent Mason, Jeff Tamelier, Lyle Workman, Guitars
Dewayne Pate, Paul Oguin, Alvaro “Dr. Robelto” Fernandes, Bach Norwood, Upright and Electric bass
Vaneese Thomas, Dallis Craft, Sista Monica Parker, Vocals.
HG Gutternig, Tuba, Trombone.
Rainer Gutternig, Trumpet
Tollak Ollestad, Chromatic and blues harp
Butch Coulter, Harmonica,
Maria Grigoryeva, Violin, Viola
Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva, Cello

Mastering by David Glasser, Airshow Mastering
Mixed by Bruce Kaphan, Fremont, CA
Recording Engineers
Recorded from 2014-2018
Track Shack, Sacramento, Peter De Leon
Josh Angus, Catalina Music, Dresden Germany
Linz Austria, Goon Studio, Armin Lehner,
Bill Watson, Nashville Trax, Nashville TN.
Gecko Turner, Corazon De Jesus studio, Spain
Garth Webber, Red Rooster Studio, Berkeley CA
John Lee Sanders, Bluesmeister Studio, Orange Beach Alabama
Wayne Warnecke, Peaceful Waters Studio, Pound Ridge, NY
Maria Grig Studio, St. Petersburg Russia
Andy Cloninger (Dancing Dog Recording Studio) Daphne, AL


all rights reserved



John Lee Sanders Palos De La Frontera, Spain

Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, vocalist, and Emmy nominated composer, he has evolved a complex musical gumbo, with the flavors of Americana, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Country, classical, with a deep love of the traditions, and culture of New Orleans. ... more

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